About Us

Apsara Mera production (AMP), established as video production company since 2014, lead by Apsara Mera Capital ( AMC ) , due to the constant growth and need for Media and advertisements. We have gained experiences in technical skills and creativity to provide best quality service to our clients. We provide different services such as TV commercials Movies, TV programs, Documentaries. We also corporate with many partners that can support to make good quality products and services, leveling our company’s standard among others throughout South East Asia. We strive to provide the best and most professional services and also the most creative to create better human resources making them professionals in their own respected fields.

Our Team

Our director, producers and crew comprise of highly skills individuals from the film and commercial industries.

Our Service

Our clients

From Governments, to NGOs, Advertising Agencies, Corporations and many more.

Thank you for all of your trust and support.

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